February 26, 2021

The Role of Open Source in Addressing Inequality

This is my second blog post for the UVA class LPPS 4720. Inequality manifests itself in many different ways, but I will only address one of these in this post: access to information. The 21st century, the so-called “Information Age”, is a time where connection to the Internet along with basic literacy enables an unprecedented number of people to freely participate in the “Human Colossus”. However, even with the Internet, the abuse of strict intellectual property laws can restrict free access to information and perpetuate inequality. Read more

February 11, 2021

The Role of Open Source in Innovation and Product Development

This is my first blog post for the UVA class LPPS 4720. While Intellectual Property (IP) has been a useful tool in the past to foster entrepreneurship, it has many underlying issues. An Open Source philosophy is a great alternative to IP which solves many of its issues, but still is not a silver bullet. To understand the advantages of Open Source when applied to innovation and product development, it is important to first understand IP. Read more

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