Samarth Kishor

About Me

I'm a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Virginia studying Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. I love the creative and problem-solving aspects of software development and strive to write clean and performant code.

My interests within the field of software engineering include web application development, programming languages, data visualization, and functional programming.


University of Virginia

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science
Technology Entrepreneurship Minor

  • Cumulative GPA: 3.7
  • Relevant Coursework:
    • Programming Languages (CS 4610)
    • Operating Systems (CS 4414)
    • Algorithms (CS 4102)
    • Computer Architecture (CS 3330)
    • Theory of Computation (CS 3102)
    • Program and Data Representation (CS 2150)
    • Discrete Mathematics (CS 2102)
    • Data Visualization (SARC 5400)
    • Linear Algebra (MATH 3350)
    • Entrepreneurial Finance (COMM 3790)
    • Commercial Law (COMM 3420)

Maggie L. Walker Governor's School

Advanced Studies Diploma

  • Completed 142 hours of community service
  • Cross Country and Outdoor Track athlete
  • Member of four honor societies


Amazon Web Services

Software Engineering Intern

University of Virginia

Head Teaching Assistant for CS 4610 (Programming Languages)

  • Worked as a TA for Discrete Mathematics (Fall 2018) and Theory of Computation (Fall 2019 – Spring 2020).
  • Helped students in office hours improve their understanding of proof techniques and models of computation.
  • Graded assignments and exams.


Software Engineering Intern

  • Streamlined the billing management experience for hundreds of customers by building a user interface with React, Redux, and Django API endpoints.
  • Improved third-party workflows by building a server-side engine in Django to automatically match jobs using regular expressions, saving the company’s support team 10+ hours a week in manually matching this data.
  • Increased test coverage by 10% using Selenium for test automation in the Jenkins CI/CD pipeline.

Capital One

Software Engineering Summit Attendee

  • Selected after a rigorous application process to attend a week long summit for undergraduate students.
  • Learned valuable technologies including Machine Learning, React, iOS/Android app development, Arduino, and AWS in seminars
  • Implemented the React front-end of a full-stack ride sharing web application at the summit hackathon.

University of Virginia

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for CS 2102 (Discrete Mathematics)

  • Helped students in office hours improve their understanding of proof techniques and propositional logic.
  • Suggested improvements to the course which the professor implemented and graded assignments and exams.

Impact Makers

Junior Security Associate

  • Increased documentation by 60% by producing internal IT security documentation and policies for the company’s Azure intranet.
  • Refactored an internal AWS web application written with the Express.js framework and set up an automated build and test pipeline that boosted developer productivity and improved code quality.
  • Implemented aesthetic and functional improvements to the company’s WordPress website.

Impact Makers

Software Engineering Intern

  • Increased test coverage by 30% and enabled a CI pipeline by implementing an automated testing framework with Selenium, Mocha.js, and Gulp for a production React web application that was used by hundreds of clients in the healthcare industry.
  • Gained valuable experience with Agile development and cloud technologies.


Louisville Electric Scooters

Javascript, D3, Leaflet

An interactive web application that visualizes electric scooters in Louisville, Kentucky.

Users can view individual scooter trips by clicking on the markers on the map and use sliders to change the day of the week and the time of day, automatically updating the line graph that shows scooter trips over time on a given day. I built this application as a part of the final project for my Data Visualization class in Spring 2019.

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Hy, Python, Google Cloud

A program that converts your Instapaper bookmaks into audio files.

Instaloud is a small program written entirely in the Hy Programming Language (a Lisp dialect embedded in Python). It downloads your saved bookmarks from Instapaper and converts them into mp3 files using Google’s Text-to-Speech API.

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React Native, Firebase, Arduino

A modern, digital approach to Triage. My group won a Top Ten in Category award out of hundreds of participandts at MedHacks 2018

TriTag is an efficient patient marker and tracking system for patients in Emergency and Mass Casualty events. It consists of three steps: 1) Initial assessment and assignment of severity and hash code, 2) HIPAA - compliant cloud database of important medical data for remote retrieval, and 3) ambulatory tracking of patients through cloud database.

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Level: Proficient

Python is the programming language I'm most comfortable with and I use it extensively. Its library ecosystem is great and I like the addition of optional static type hints in Python 3. Whenever I need to write a small script or program, it's usually in Python.

I've used Python in:

  • Production codebases
  • Most coding interviews
  • Leetcode and CTCI problems


Level: Proficient

Javascript is the second programming language I learned. Its syntax isn't the nicest but it's familiar and I love how easy it is to do functional programming, especially with ES6. React is my favorite front-end framework and it makes web development so much easier to reason about.

I've used Javascript in:


Level: Proficient

Java is one of those languages I have to deal with because it's everywhere. The JVM is great technology but I'm personally not a fan of the language itself. I've written enough Java code where I can use it pretty comfortably—its standard library of data structures is useful and sometimes I'll reach for Java over Python in interviews because of this.

I've used Java in:

  • Code for my OOP and Algorithms classes
  • Some coding interviews


Level: Familiar

OCaml is one of my favorite languages right now. I learned a bit of Standard ML in my Progamming Languages course and figured OCaml would be worth learning since it's used in industry. The combination of strong static typing and type inference makes it possible to write code that is terse, expressive, and safe. Its integration with Emacs is also pretty impressive.

I've used OCaml in:



Events Committee Co-Chair

  • Raised over $15,000 for the 2020 hackathon by working directly with sponsors such as Capital One and CoStar.
  • Coordinated workshops for 50+ students and served as a point-of-contact for sponsors during the 2019 hackathon.

University Salsa Club

  • Choreographed dances and performed in Salsa Showcases
  • Performed for events in the Charlottesville community such as the Virginia Film Festival and Pancakes for Parkinson’s.